We all love the convenience of shopping online, yet paradoxically
we can’t say the same about our delivery options.

Parcel Sitter® (UKs first home based parcel receipt and storage service) designed for busy people. When you’ve got a lot going on in your business, job and life, your attention is constantly being pulled in all directions. With your daily demands increasingly higher, it’s quite easy to get caught in a busy spell more frequently. The last thing you need is to be placed in a position, of having to worry about something as simple as the delivery of a parcel. Our value proposition is simply an offer of convenience to you as a busy person, who requires convenient time slots to pick up your parcels.

  1. Instantly stamp out unscrupulous Courier behaviour with the reassurance of a 'Signed for' delivery record

  2. Losing a day out of your annual leave (holiday), sitting indoors waiting for a knock. Where’s the logic?

  3. Relying on family, friends and neighbours, not always possible and how many times can you say “Would you mind...”?

  4. Leaving parcels behind rubbish bins, there’s no compensation when their stolen

  5. Avoid those parking woes and dimly lit locations and opt for Safe & Secured Parcel Receipt and Storage

  6. Keep your surprise gift, as a “surprise”. Because knowing the shape of that parcel, can be a real spoiler

  7. Enjoy the convenience and savings of shopping online, without the associated stress for only £3.50.

  8. We sign, you collect Monday - Saturday 07:00 am - 21:00 pm.

Imagine for just for a moment, a service offering that allows you to avoid the substantial hassle associated with a missed delivery; being provided with an exact delivery window and notification of your delivery status, and the reassurance of a ‘signed for’ delivery record.

Parcel Sitter® – a community-based solution to a new-age problem, that's also an eco friendly option. Yes, we are ‘piggybacking’ the phenomenal success of online shopping by providing convenience to busy people and helping to reduce its associated carbon footprint whilst distributing money back into the Work From Home Business Community. A social entrepreneurial endeavour generating a positive return to society, i.e. determined to ensure equal opportunities and social inclusion of disabled people.

How it works - 3 Easy Steps

Instantly put a stop to those unscrupulous behaving Couriers from forging your signature to slinging your parcel over the fence. Receive your goods sooner and avoid having to arrange and re-arrange second and third delivery attempts. Prevent making unnecessary visits to the couriers’ centre at ‘their convenience’ to collect your goods. Say Goodbye to the disposition of having to ask and rely on others, say hello to your new found freedom and privacy.

  • Please ensure that we are in a location that's near to you, before you proceed to register. Once you’ve registered, you will receive an email confirming your registration and Customer ID Number along with your local Parcel Sitter® address details. You will be asked to provide your Customer ID Number during any contact with your local Parcel Sitter, for identification purposes. You provide this address in the following format, when making your purchases online:

    Mr P. Smith
    (followed by your local Parcel Sitter's address)

    * Please ensure that you always use your own name when making your order(s).

  • You must inform your local Parcel Sitter before you make your online order. If a parcel is going to be delivered to his/her address they need to know in advance and be able to add this to their expected daily delivery schedule. Your Parcel Sitter will either send you an email / text to confirm your order. We cannot not sign for/nor accept any parcel that weighs over 10 Kilograms (kg). Pleae read our Terms & Conditions for a conphrensive list of all restricted, prohibited and dangerous goods that your Parcel Sitter cannot accept.

  • Upon the arrival of your goods, you will be informed immediately via text, telephone, or email (prearranged) to collect your goods. You will be required to provide personal ID (i.e. Drivers Licence) together with your Customer ID Number, for identification purposes.

    Once you've paid your fees, we will require a signature upon collection of your goods as proof of collection. You can collect your goods on the day of its arrival or the next day; failure to do so, will inevitably incur a surcharge of £1.00 per day thereafter (as space is a valuable commodity). Our working hours are Monday – Saturday 07:00 am to 21:00 pm.

    *You can designate a family member / friend to collect your parcel. Simply inform your Parcel Sitter by providing the name of this person. The designated person must also bring a valid form of identification (i.e. Drivers Licence).

    * When you call us, you will be asked for the name of this designated person and asked to confirm your Customer ID Number.

    *Do not disclose your Customer ID Number to the designated person. We never request this from anyone, other than you.
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Never Say "Missed it" again

"Puts my mind at ease knowing that my parcel is being kept safe until I am ready to pick it up. Very convenient service. Glad I don’t have to say “Missed it” again."
- Harold
"For busy people who are looking for convenient time slots to pick up their parcels. What a brilliant yet very simple idea that fits in nicely with our modern day lifestyles."
- Ben
"Great for someone like me as I am out most of the day. I now get notified by text and pick my parcels up at a convenient time that suits me. Stress free experience!"
- Amelia

The Parcel Sitter® receipt and storage service can help you to lessen delivery related stresses, and provide you peace of mind when placing orders online / offline. Allowing you to be at work or go about your daily routine, saving you time, money and inconvenience that are all too often associated with parcel deliveries.

Couriers can no longer get up to their mischievous behavior such as parcels being left on the doorstep in the rain, placed in your compost / rubbish bins, forging your signature or slinging parcels over the fence, you are now instantly in control. Our value proposition is simply an offer of convenience to you as a busy person, who requires convenient time slots to pick up your parcels. A community-based solution to a new-age problem, that's also an eco friendly option.

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Which? - Home delivery - What are your rights?

Which?: Don’t put up with dodgy deliveries

More than 60% of people have had delivery problems with something bought online, while nearly one in ten experienced problems with a Christmas delivery, a new 'Which?' survey has revealed. Their survey also found that people’s knowledge of their delivery rights when things go wrong is patchy. Take part in the conversation and better know your rights:

Complain for change: don’t put up with dodgy deliveries
Source: Which.co.uk

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A community-based solution born out of a very simple idea

A work from home business opportunity born out of the fact that we already work from home providing other home based services, and thought of how we could lend a helping hand to those who don’t work from home. Gerry provides CV Services and his partner makes hand-made jewellery.

Gerry has minor disabilities and knows how hard it can be to have a genuine opportunity that can realistically supplement the household income. He believes his community-based concept can better assist many others within the community such as anyone with disabilities, care for a relative or are a stay at home mum/dad, operate a work from home business (bolt-on service), have faced recent retirement, been made redundant. Not forgetting the client (busy person) who requires convenient time slots to pick up their parcels.

There is always one of us available to sign for parcel deliveries, so we thought why waste an opportunity to help others and acquire an extra income, win-win situation.

Gerry was sat in the kitchen one day having a cuppa, when his partner shouts “Listen out for the door!" for their daughter's parcel, as she went to put the washing on the line. That’s when the idea popped into Gerry’s head by simply asking “What would happen if we didn’t work from home? How would we then cope with these online orders?” There’s always something being ordered online, be it clothing, books, pots and pans most household items; it’s the time, money and reassurance that online shopping saves and provides us that drives the demand.

Gerry started thinking “We can all ask a neighbour, friend or family member to assist us from time to time. Other than disrupting these folks, do people really want their neighbours, friends and family knowing their purchasing habits?” He also realised that the ‘asking’ was not always an option for everyone, and the frequency at which the family uses online shopping, Gerry remembers saying out loud that “You’d be asking these folks every week.” The idea turned into an opportunity for all.

You now have an opportunity that lets you avoid the increasing cost of Saturday deliveries, sacrificing your lie-in and being stuck in doors. Avoid having to sit in built-up traffic adhering to the Couriers hour glass after picking up the infamous ‘Missed It’ card, having to stand in long winding queues after a busy day. Avoid having to ask and rely on others while keeping your privacy intact.

In the worst case scenarios, avoid parcels being left on the doorstep in the rain, placed in your compost / rubbish bins or flung over your fence (increasingly common stories). Forged signatures and missing parcels are now common place amongst recent documented complaints.

Avoid the long, annoying and costly phone calls to Retailers or Couriers, having to rearrange new delivery times and dates.

Ask yourself “How does that feel?”

Parcel delivery woes can now be instantly taken off your hands. Embrace the convenience that Parcel Sitter® brings to online shopping.

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Local employers see a mutual benefit

One of the main reasons people take a day’s sick leave (sickie) or a one day annual leave is predominately down to online shopping deliveries, usually on behalf of other family members e.g. daughter/son at College and self-employed partner.

Should you as a local employer see our service as a mutual benefit for your employees, you can download and use our promotional PDF file, and put to use straight away, ready to print off and place within the workplace. Alternatively, you may want a more direct approach, by emailing employees or by accompanying your existing company newsletter.

Local Employer: Promotional PDF Download File.
Providing a positive solution, that helps to reduce absenteeism within the workplace.

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Our Locations

Kings Lynn Parcel Sitter®, Norfolk, UK.
Contact Gerry on 07368 267 612

Low Cost Work From Home Business Opportunity

Estimated weekly volume range: 100 – 200 parcels each week. Equates to £300.00 - £600.00 weekly earning potential

Not in your area yet, it may pay you to enquire about obtaining the Parcel Sitter® opportunity, a ‘Work At Home Opportunity’ that is available across the UK and Ireland. Don’t delay, because once a territory has been offered, it becomes exclusive to that successful applicant. We operate on the basis of first come, first served, should you be that successful applicant. It's an opportunity, don't let it pass.

A legitimate home-based business opportunity that’s ideally suited to those who demand the flexibility and independence that comes with a work from home business. A Home based licenced business that’s simple, cost effective and highly profitable. Do not underestimate the power of convenience; we focus on convenience as our primary value statement:

‘Our value proposition is simply an offer of convenience to you as a busy person, who requires convenient time slots to pick up your parcels. A community-based solution to a new-age problem, that's also an eco friendly option.’

This is a great opportunity for anyone who has retired, been made redundant, with disabilities, caring for a loved one and those who operate Arts & Crafts / Consultancy based services from home. This is a great way to supplement your existing income and an opportunity to advertise your existing product / service to a new audience.

Reasons to invest:

  1. Parcel receipt and storage services are growing

  2. Home-based and the freedom of being self-employed

  3. Low start-up costs involved

  4. Very low overheads to sustain

  5. Exclusive territory

  6. Massive market, plenty of potential

  7. Advertising, Affiliate Marketing and Drop Shipping Opportunities (BONUS INCOME SCHEMES)

  8. Basic communication and organisational skills will be necessary

However, we won’t be accepting everyone, therefore applicants must be aware that to become a Parcel Sitter® is highly competitive and not every application will be successful.

For further information and an opportunity to discuss this work from home business, please contact Gerry on 07368 267 612. Alternatively, Gerry can be contacted via email at: gerry@parcelsitter.co.uk

According to an IMRG Capgemini report

The IMRG Capgemini Online Retail Sales Index is the primary performance indicator for the UK’s online retail market. British shoppers spent £34.9bn online in the first six months of 2012, compared with £31bn in the same period in 2011, an increase of 12.5%, found the report. With this exponential growth on the increase, in online shopping, the demand for our Parcel Sitter® services stand to increase significantly – rapid demand can be seen as a real certainty.

Latest figures released for December 2014 IMRG Capgemini e-Retail Index (January 14, 2015):
For the first time online retail sales broke through the £100 Billion barrier for the year - representing growth of 14% for the online retail market in the UK. That's almost £1 in every £4 is now spent online, and that a large proportion of the other £3 is influenced by some form of digital interaction.

UK online retail exceeds £100 billion for first time in 2014

The Success of Internet Shopping

Modern day lifestyles are pushing the growth of home based businesses

Currently there are 5.9 Million work from home businesses in the UK, with a turnover in excess of £364 billion. There has been great growth in the business and professional services sector of home based franchises and businesses.

More and more people are finding it easier to work from home and are generating healthy incomes. With the current trend of rapid growth for home based franchises and work from home business opportunities, now is your chance to become / extend your part of this growing opportunity, by becoming a Parcel Sitter®.

We’re a real game-changer that reduces the costs in failed deliveries, in terms of company profits and the environment, we improve B2C parcel delivery efficiency.

Parcel Sitter® is a community-based solution to a new-age problem, that's also an environmentally friendly option that is now becoming part of many new business trends that can improve on a company’s environmental footprint. The following URL provides an interesting read on the subject of new business trends:
Inspired Economist: New Business Trends that Can Improve Your Company’s Environmental Footprint

For more information on this work from home business and to show your interest, please contact Gerry on 07368 267 612. Alternatively via Email at: gerry@parcelsitter.co.uk.

Better Survival Rates Than A Start Up Business

The majority of online studies/business articles written by people who should know; strongly demonstrate that franchises have a success rate of approximately 90 percent as compared to only about 15 percent for businesses that are started from the ground up. The increased probability of success usually far outweighs any initial franchise/trademark licence fee and nominal royalties that are paid monthly/annually.

Starting a home-based franchise/trademark licenced work from home business is a great way of making a respectable income. The security that you’re usually buying into is a proven business idea/model. You also benefit from the flexibility of being your own boss whilst remaining an integral part of a country wide team; there is always that back room of support that you won’t have if you go it alone as a lone start-up.

Most people are put off setting up their own business due to a lack of experience and knowledge within key areas such as marketing, finance and the law. The beauty of investing in Parcel Sitter® is that you receive support from a dedicated team. Allowing you to focus on what you want to do most, manage and grow the business opportunity.

So if you’re one of the majority of people with no entrepreneurial experience but keen to get going, this may be right for you; with the support available and what is a ‘ready-made’ business model, you have every chance of making it a real success. Remember, with Parcel Sitter®, unlike running your own business, you won’t find yourself isolated and unmotivated.

For a territorial opportunity and to discuss this work from home business in greater depth, please contact Gerry on 07368 267 612. Alternatively, Gerry can be contacted via email at: gerry@parcelsitter.co.uk

Stamp Out Cyber Crime

When opportunity knocks, there's work to be done. If something looks too good to be true, it usually means just that ‘too good to be true’. Be aware of work from home scams - business opportunity fraud involves an offer to become financially independent, or to generate extra income, by setting up your own business. Whilst there is certainly legitimate work from home opportunities out there such as Parcel Sitter, it may pay you to visit Fraud Action and learn to recognise work from home scams. You can contact the National Fraud & Cyber Crime Reporting Centre on 0300 123 2040.

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Terms & Conditions

Thank you for visiting the Parcelsitter.co.uk terms and conditions section. The terms and conditions here apply to the use of this Website, and our services. Please find all relevant terms and conditions below. By using this Website and Parcel Sitter® services, you are agreeing to be bound by the appropriate terms and conditions.


1. All content on this website is protected under International Copyright Laws; you are prohibited from selling, modifying and producing the content in any way for commercial or public use, without strict consent from the website owner.


1. All images, text, contents, products and scripts are licensed and never sold, unless otherwise stated. Reproduction is prohibited. You may not use, copy, emulate, clone, rent, lease, sell, modify, decompile, disassemble, otherwise reverse engineer, or transfer the licensed program or product, or any subset of the licensed program or product, except as provided for in this agreement or expressly in writing. Any such unauthorised use shall result in immediate and automatic termination of this licence and may result in criminal and/or civil prosecution.

Legal Identity

1. You warrant that the Information which you are required to provide when you register to use our Services is true, accurate, current and complete in all respects.

2. You agree not to impersonate any other person or entity or to use a false name or a name that you are not authorised to use. To register, you must provide your real name, phone number, e-mail address, and other requested information.

3. Parcel Sitter® shall not be liable in respect of any Consignment where any person has been fraudulent or dishonest in any way in respect of that Consignment or misrepresents his/her authority to receive a Consignment on the Recipient’s or Customer’s behalf.

4. Any suspicions of illegal/fraudulent activity will be reported to the appropriate authorities.

5. You must be 16 Yrs. or over to register for our services - and a valid form of identification will be required when you collect your goods, stating your full name, i.e. full driving licence, passport, utility bills and Government Letter etc...

Restricted, prohibited and dangerous goods

1. The Customer must ensure that no Restricted, Prohibited or Dangerous Goods are sent to any Parcel Sitter® Address, Worldwide. The Customer will be liable to prosecution if the customer does so and shall indemnify Parcel Sitter® against any losses or damage suffered or liability incurred.

2. We will not sign for/nor accept the following items/products:

  1. Any parcel that weighs over 10 Kilograms (kg)

  2. Dangerous goods / Hazardous materials / Fireworks

  3. Liquids / Adhesives / Paint

  4. Money / Payment Cards of any type

  5. Passports / Birth Certificates / Driving Licences

  6. Firearms / Swords / Knives / Weapons / Replica Weapons etc…

  7. Live animals or animal parts

  8. Perishable goods

  9. Tobacco and tobacco products / Drugs / Medicines

  10. Large Kitchen Appliances (White Goods) Fridges, Ovens, Washing Machines, Dishwashers etc...

  11. Large Household Furniture

  12. Large Garden related furniture and items

  13. All flammable compressed gases, non-flammable compressed gases, Extinguishers and aerosols are prohibited.

  14. All Plants / Seeds are prohibited

It is the customers sole responsibility to either read the terms and conditions or enquire directly via telephone to their local Parcel Sitter® to see if a particular parcel is acceptable, if in any doubt.

Liability for delay, loss or damage

1. Parcel Sitter® shall not be liable to pay any refund for late/non-delivery/damage of Consignments in respect of: Failure due to couriers’/retailers/third parties processing/delivery errors. Parcel Sitter® shall have no liability for loss, damage and delay.


1. The Customer, by using Parcel Sitter® services, agrees to pay the service fees and surcharges in force at the time of order / collection (which ever is in force at the time), such charges to be determined by Parcel Sitter® at its entire discretion. Details of current surcharges are available upon request.

2. Parcel Sitter® reserves the right to change fees without any prior notice.


1. Payment is taken at the collection stage via cash payments and Parcel Sitters are encouraged to also implement PayPal™ Here which will allow them to accept MasterCard, Visa, and Debit Cards etc…

2. Parcel Sitter® has the right to refuse our services to any individual(s).


By using our services you agree to indemnify and hold Parcel Sitter® and its Licensees free from any losses, liabilities and expenses (including legal fees) resulting from the use of services and advice offered on our website, or any verbal advice or instruction provided by an employee of Parcel Sitter®.

Every effort has been taken to ensure the accuracy of the information on our website. These terms and conditions do not affect your statutory rights.

Governing Law

These terms and conditions and any contract between us shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with English Law and the English Courts shall have jurisdiction over any disputes between us.

Statutory Rights

These terms and conditions are in addition to your statutory rights as a consumer which remain unaffected.

Privacy Statement

This policy explains how parcelsitter.co.uk uses any information you provide to us during your use of our website and services.

Parcelsitter.co.uk is operated by Gerard O’Neill - and can be contacted at the following:

19 Field Road
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Tel: +44 (0)1553 763 192
Email: info@parcelsitter.co.uk

We hate spam as much as you do. That's why we want to assure you that parcelsitter.co.uk is not going to abuse your trust by doing anything with your e-mail address that you do not approve of. When you register for our services, all you'll get from parcelsitter.co.uk is our service updates and an occasional alert with valuable information. That's it.

Plus, we won't sell your address, rent it, trade it, reveal it, or give anyone access to it. Period!

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Any further amendments to this privacy policy will be updated and reflected on this page. It is advisable that you regularly view this page to ensure that you are always aware of what information we collect, if any, and how we intend to use it.

You may at any time request a copy of the information we hold on you (free of charge), request this via email.

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